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      15 pcs Tool Set (S033004)

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      15 pcs Tool Set (S033004) Flashlight, Tool Set Electrical Tools Handtools

      Product specifications and features
      • Chrome-Vanadium steel
      • Chrome plated,mirror polished

      • 2Pc 4-1/2” Mini Diagonal Pliers, 4-1/2” Mini Long Nose Pliers
      • 1Pc Bi-color Phillips Screwdriver: PH0 x 75
      • 1Pc Bi-color Phillips Screwdriver: PH1 x 200
      • 1Pc Bi-color Slotted Screwdriver: 3 x 75mm
      • 1Pc Bi-color Slotted Screwdriver: 5 x 75mm
      • 1Pc Bi-color Torx Screwdriver: T10 x 100mm
      • 1Pc Bi-color Torx Screwdriver: T15 x 100mm
      • 4Pc Wire Stripper 6”, Tweezers, ESD Brush , Rosin Core Solder
      • 3Pc Desoldering Pump, Electrical Iron 30W/220V, Anti-static Wrist Strap

      Item no.
      S033004 1

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